“‘Look at you now Pero,” I taunted, regressing to twelve, my age at our last encounter. I wanted to hear his voice or get a sign he heard me: the ground rattling below a sudden wind in my face. There was merely a motionless headstone in stifling summer heat.”

Kenan uses the word taunt which means to provoke or insult. After years of not seeing Pero, he had the need to insult him which was powered from suppressed anger and sadness. Especially,since their last encounter did not go well.He also uses the word regressing which means to go back to a certain time. He went back to his old self before leaving Bosnia. He thought of himself as a twelve year old when he went to see Pero’s grave. Kenan misses his couch, he states that he wants to hear his voice. It seems like he has forgiven his old teacher and mentor. Kenan used rattled instead of shake. It could have been an earthquake. Once the wind hit his face, he went back to hisself and stared at the headstone. He describes it as motionless. It is ironic because it seems as if he’s expecting for something to happen or too feel Pero’s spirit or presence.


Shooting an Elephant

A beyond political problem Orwell had to endure was peer pressure. As Orwell noted, “I was all for the Burmese and all against their oppressors, the British” (557). He was forced to support and be loyal to the British. He didn’t want to support them but he had no choice He was mistreated the Burmese because he was a police officer. They would trip him and make fun of him.He expresses how he hates his job and it feels like dirty work. He also express how he was young and ignorant and not aware of what was really happening.

A non political problem is Embarrassment. Orwell was afraid that if he did not shoot the elephant he would be made fun of by the Burmese people. The elephant was starting to calm down, but the citizens were watching him to see if he would shoot it. He was contemplating whether or not he should shot the elephant. Elephants are expensive and are used for work and transportation. A dead elephant wouldn’t be as valuable except for its tusks. Eventually, he decides to shoot he trigger and the crowd was happy. It took two shots to kill the elephants.

A political issue is Anti- European. During that time, Europe had an empire. Europe was in control of many countries. Europe was disliked my many people. They were in control for many years. They took out their rage on the subdivisional officers since they could not fight back.

Responding to “I Stand Here Ironing”

In the short story, “I Stand Here Ironing,” by Tillie Olsen. Emily’s mother had a difficult time raising Emily.

” I was a young mother, I was a distracted mother” (98).Her mother was nineteen years old when she gave birth to Emily and she was not ready to raise a child on her own. She was always stressed and it was difficult for her to care of her. She worked every night and stayed home all day. She was also trying to be the perfect mother to her first child which was a lot of pressure on her as well.

She fretted about her appearance, thin and dark and foreign-looking at a time when every little girls was supposed to look to thought she should look a chubby blonde replica of Shirley Temple(95). Emily thought of how she was supposed to look always made her upset. She thought that she wasn’t pretty enough. Society’s view on beauty can hurt anyone, it does not matter what age some one may be.


Essay notes

Who has had more influence malala’s father or marjane’s grandmother?

Malala’s father:
Motivated her to go to school
Taught her how to be brave
Motivated her to be outspoken



Marjane’s grandmother:
Told her to be herself
Told her not to be mean

Persepolis Notes and Questions

1. After the revolution ended many people were being arrested and executed.

2. Marjane was at risk of being executed and was sent abroad because she said she said a bad thing about the government.

3. During her childhood there were protests and a lot of citizens were either jailed or killed.

4. After seeing a boy in the street she starting liking punk music and once got into trouble.

5. Marjane and her grandmother  to the movie theater to watch Godzilla.


1. Why was her uncle put in jail?

2.  Why were citizens being arrested or executed after the revolution?


Final Draft

Attending college has given me the motivation to become a successful person. I want to make my parents proud by getting a college degree. They want me to have a better life than they have had. Both of my parents did not finish high school. Growing up they would always tell me they regret not finishing their education and to take every opportunity I can to be successful. Another reason is being able to have a good career. I want to be able to enjoy and love what I do while working for a salary than minimum wage for the rest of my life. My last reason is my future.It’s something I am always looking forward to. Sometimes it’s hard to wait. I just see many opportunities ahead of me. Hopefully, someday it comes true.

Rough Draft

Attending college has given me the motivation to become a successful person. I want to make my family proud by being the first person in my family to have a college degree. I also want to be a role model to my younger sisters. I want to have a career that I will enjoy and love.